Friday, May 13, 2016

LA Radio Sessions: Performance & Interview with the Other Mules

Interview and performance with the Other Mules.   Host Mike Stark and co-host B Noel Barr conduct the interview for "LA Radio Sessions"

Monday, May 9, 2016

LA Radio Sessions: "LIVE" from the LA Radio Studio - 5-6-16

Podcast of the first weekly "live" edition of "LA Radio Sessions"

Ted "Thrasher" Prichard (KNAC, Thrashpie Radio) & Kevin Poore (Long Playing Movie, Nights At The Soundtable) co-host this edition.  In this episode the topics include "remember Prince", a review of  Andy & Renee's Dylanfest and much more.

Also, Drummer Matt Sorum talks about his upcoming charity event - May 12 -  honoring Glenn Hughes and Robin Zander at the Fonda Theatre.  He also discusses his film "Sunset Strip" and what he's up to musically.