Sunday, July 7, 2013

Special Edition of "LA Radio Sessions": A conversation with Lee Marshall

In our continuing series spotlighting legendary radio voices, "LA Radio Sessions" brings you a 90 minute conversation with an alumni of many stations throughout the country including KRIZ in Phoenix, KCBQ in San Diego, CKLW in Detroit, WOR-FM in New York and in Los Angeles he graced the airwaves on such legendary stations as 93 KHJ, KABC and KDAY.  Along with his radio work, he worked in various broadcast and announcing positions within the pro wrestling community and has done thousands of voice over jobs, including his current role as the voice of Tony the Tiger.  We are very pleased to present this "Special Edition" of "LA Radio Sessions" with Lee Marshall.  The interview was conducted by radio columnist Richard Wagoner and "LA Radio Sessions" host Mike Stark.