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LA Radio Sessions Hour 2 - Show #8 (January 23, 2013)

From the January 23rd edition of "LARadio Sessions", the radio students of Cal State Long Beach'KBeach Radio talk college radio with host Michael Stark & radio columnist Richard Wagoner.....and Garagemania with Robby Russell & Nurse Cheryl......

"LA Radio Sessions" Special Edition: Elliot Mintz

Today he’s known for being a media consultant to celebrities, helping them spin their stories, get publicity, avoid publicity and build their brand. Before consulting the likes of Paris Hilton, Elliot Mintz was a broadcaster. He primarily did talk radio for the 60′s generation, interviewing hundreds of cultural icons from Dr. Timothy Leary to John Lennon, and taking thousands of phone calls from a younger listening audience than is traditionally found in the talk medium. He is about to move from the media consultant world, to the world of helping grass roots, charitable organizations that may not be as high profile as groups that have celebrity endorsements and big budget advertising campaigns. This will all be conducted at his website, which will launch, hopefully, on his 68th birthday on February 16th – Ahead of that launch, “LA Radio Sessions” presents a nearly two hour interview with this radio legend and wonderful storyteller, primarily, about his broadcast career. He talks about how his radio shows, at various LA radio outlets, fit into the counter culture of the times and how his work in broadcasting prepared him for his move to being a media consultant.